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Monday, January 24, 2005

Chavez and Minions Mix Threats Against Colombia With Anti-Bush Rhetoric

From El Tiempo, translated by Google

Hugo Chávez threatens to 'freeze' relations if Colombia does not admit error

It demanded an apology of Bogota, or otherwise it would close borders, reduce to a minimum the bi-national commerce and cancel the Transcaribean Pipeline.

The hard declaration made the Venezuelan agent chief executive to the closing of a mass march summoned by the party of Government (V Republic) in "defense of the national sovereignty and against interventionism".

At issue is the capture of the FARC leader in Caracas. Meanwhile Colombia claims there are 7 other FARC guerrillas and one from the ELN that are also taking refuge in Venezuela.

Here are some photos of the Chavista march. Chavez's followers reflect their leaders obsession with Bush and link him to Uribe at every opportunity. Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

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The sign says "Satan Bush Killer of the World".

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Che and Osama

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"Uribe and Bush, World Terrorists"

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This was one of many nasty caricatures of Condoleeza Rice in the rally.

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Chavez bets Bush a dollar that he will be in office longer. Of course it's a sucker bet because dictators don't have term limits.

Chavez won't rest as long as Colombia is a strong US ally. He has consolidated his grip on Venezuela and he is a master demagogue, particularly in his use of the media. Brazil's offer to mediate this conflict is a joke as Lula is one of Chavez's strongest allies. He will continue to try to isolate Colombia from its neighbors while supporting terrorists against Colombia.

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