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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

PETA Attacks Kosher Tradition

It was just a matter of time before PETA, that freakshow of moral equivalency, targeted the Jews

An animal rights group filed a complaint Wednesday against a kosher slaughterhouse for alleged cruelty to cattle. The slaughterhouse called the complaint a veiled attack on religious freedom

It's clear to anyone who has been paying attention to PETA's antics for the last decade or so that these lunatics will not rest until we are all vegetarians wearing hemp belts and sandals.

"Cows can be heard bellowing in agony and terror as the cut is made, as a metal hook is inserted into the wound, as their tracheas and esophagi are yanked from their bodies," said Bruce Friedrich, a PETA director.

The Orthodox Union which regulates kosher food, had this response:

Steve Steiner, spokesman for the Orthodox Union, said his group is reviewing the 30-minute videotape. "We believe shechita, the Hebrew form of slaughter, is a humane form of slaughter," he said...the slaughtering process, which is regulated and carried out by trained rabbis, is designed to make death quick and painless.

"It's not aesthetically pleasing. There's an enormous amount of blood loss," Thomas [slaughterhouse spokesman] said. "But just because it's not pretty does not mean it's cruel."

Kosher slaughter requires that the animal's throat is slit. The sudden and enormous blood loss triggers immediate anemia in the brain, which renders the animal insensible, Thomas said.

The Mainstream Media loves PETA and their ridiculous publicity stunts. And they have always been willing to promote anyone who bashes Judaism or Israel.

It's interesting that there is no mention of Halal animal butchery which is almost identical.
papijoe 9:03 PM