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Friday, December 31, 2004

PA TV: Killing of Jews is Mandatory

From Arutz Sheva

Contrary to the anticipated decrease in the PA’s hate broadcasts since the demise of Yasser Arafat, Palestinian Media Watch has issued a report claiming the PA media message has not changed.

PA religious leaders have long advocated the killing of Jews as a religious necessity. Monday, PA TV broadcast the same call, advocating genocide as a historical necessity – this time from a senior PA academic rather than from a religious leader.

Dr. Hassan Khater, founder of the Al Quds Encyclopedia and a PA TV lecturer, recently appeared on PA TV, citing the Islamic tradition (Hadith) demanding genocide in the name of Islam’s founder Mohammed. Khater quoted the same verse used repeatedly in sermons by terror-supporting religious leaders in the PA. He did so as part of a lecture focusing on what he described as the war of the Jews against Arabs’ trees

About a third of the Palestinian Authority's funding comes from the US
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