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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

CIA Muezzin School

I won't link to them, but I have to admit I find jihadi moonbat sight to be good source of how the jihadi-on-the-street responds to the mainstream media.

Today's propaganda offering has a story about how the CIA was training agents to be muezzin, ie the mosque official who gives the traditional Muslim call to prayer.

The CIA is training its agents in the ancient art of calling Muslims to prayer in a bid to infiltrate Muslim groups both in the US and abroad, we have learned.

The man who cries out five times a day from a mosque's tower and tells Muslims when to pray, called a muezzin, holds a unique position in Muslim culture, a senior intelligence officer explained. "He is a highly respected member of Islamic society and as such almost beyond suspicion. Not only that but the towers provide a perfect vantage point for our agents to see what is going on at ground level."

It is understood that the CIA already has 10 of its agents acting as muezzins within the United States, with a further six or more working in the Middle East. The organisation refused to comment on whether any of them were currently in Afghanistan.

The CIA has run a muezzin school since 1989 – the year it first became concerned over anti-American feeling in the Middle East. That school, reportedly based on a deserted army airstrip in Virginia and equipped with six towers, or minarets, from which its agents can practice, has produced over 50 muezzins, many of who has used their skills in intelligence gathering for the agency.

I admit that I skimmed the article. But even I got suspicious when I read this:

And what about the difference in his skin colour? "Oh, that was fine, they taught us at the school how to cover our faces in boot polish so we looked darker than we really were. Then it was just a case of wrapping up real warm so nobody could see any other part of you."

It turns out that the source was a UK site that is a kind of second rate The Onion. I'll post the link for reference, but be advised that there is some content that is not safe for work.

It is amusing that the jihadi press doesn't seem to be able to tell the difference between political parody and some of their other news sources like Reuters, The Guardian and AFP.
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