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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Another Fine French Whine

From Jerusalem Post

In an interview with Army Radio Thursday, French Ambassador to Israel Gerard Araud took a far less conciliatory stance than he took just a couple of days ago in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

"I think you have an anti-French neurosis," Araud told Army Radio.

"You just love to hate France," he declared.

Welcome to our world, Gerry.

On Thursday however, Araud claimed that Israeli taxi drivers, upon discovering that their passengers are French, immediately eject them from their cabs.

Araud criticized Israeli journalists in general and singled out comedian Eli Yatzpan in particular, whose mission, according to the ambassador, is to ridicule France.

"Everyone knows that Yatzpan has chosen France as his usual target, and he is always making fun of the people of France," he protested.

So when Israeli cabbies purge their vehicles of unwanted Frenchmen, do they do it manually or is some type of James Bond ejection seat employed? Do they stop the vehicles first? How many Frenchmen are we talking about here and what's the environmental impact?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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