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Monday, November 22, 2004

Night of Power

The Boston Globe picked up the story 3 days after Robert Spencer ran it on his Dhimmi Watch site. Comparing the two pieces is a good illustration of how much more effective adding a few relevant links is in conveying a story in full. But the Globe like the rest of the mainstream media still doesn't get it.

The meandering Globe piece focuses on how the Somerville aldermen are baffled by the vehement response to the proposal to divest the city's pension fund of Israel bonds and companies that supply Israel's military.

The 484-word resolution, accusing Israel of human rights abuses, was sponsored by eight of the city's 11 aldermen, with one abstaining. Only William A. White and William M. Roche opposed it, saying the board should await testimony from Israel supporters.

At the last moment, the board sent the resolution to its Legislative Matters Committee for further consideration, and the brouhaha was born. Its repercussions are still reverberating, two weeks after 200 people crowded normally sedate City Hall for a two-hour debate on the Middle East conflict.

As a one time resident of Somerville, I'm not surprised at the buffoonery of some of the alderman. Somerville is traditionally blue collar bedroom community with diverse immigrant roots, but it is also host to a moonbat gentry that has been driving property values out of sight in the prime housing areas. And the influence and money they bring to the city hasn't gone unnoticed by the politicians. But in this case they got a little more than what they bargained for.

The dispute has prompted some aldermen to back away from the resolution. Desmond, an original sponsor, says he is now opposed.

Like some other sponsors, he said he had not anticipated this level of opposition to what he initially viewed as a simple statement in support of human rights.

''We thought we had re-worded it so it was a not-political thing," Desmond said. ''Because of the split it caused in the community, I'm not ready to support it anymore. It's a no-win situation."

Connolly says his original sponsorship was only meant to foster public debate, and he is undecided on whether to support the resolution.

Local officials don't expect this issue to go away soon.

With one alderman having previously abstained, two opposing and at least two now withdrawing their support, hopefully this proposal will crawl off the table and die. What the Globe piece obscures by keying in on the more clueless sponsors, is who it was that proposed this knowing full well what was being proposed.

But another player, who is currently proving to be somewhat of a political liability to the nearby City of Boston, is the now familiar Islamic Society of Boston. This "Night of Power" rant, which appeared on the ISB's list server, makes much of the fact that the alderman's meeting occurred on an Islamic night of prayer:

Oh Muslims who are praying tonight, remember the good people in Somerville who want their city to divest from Israel, because they are coming up against the Beast, and they will have to make this jihad, but they are not alone. "Victory cometh only by the help of Allah. Lo! Allah is Mighty, Wise." (Surat Al Anfal 8:10).

If there is even one person in Somerville, Massachusetts, who is attending the Alderman meeting with the weight of a mustard seed of faith in his or her heart, I pray the sky open up and Allah's glory be made manifest for the sake of bestowing dignity and honor upon the keepers of the holy shrines in the holy land.

If Allah does not grant victory to the Palestinian people, the noble mosques and dignified churches in which the names of the prophets are recalled, will be bulldozed to the ground. If Palestine is crushed, so too will the spirit of humanity be ground into the dirt. Like Rachel Corrie, our back will be broken.

Despite the antisemitic writings of it's founders, the ISB has continued to maintain that it promotes tolerance and understanding between all religions. But this email displays the face that the ISB doesn't want the public to see.

The State of Israel is the primary threat to World Peace today, especially in that it controls American politics. The American people have a duty to break the neck of the State of Israel by cutting off its supply of funding. We must kill the stranglehold that the supporters of Israel have placed upon our throats. These criminals have destroyed our democracy with the Patriot Act, ruined our economy with useless wars designed to make Israel the world superpower, they have printed lies in the newspapers that resulted in thousands of innocent Muslims to be imprisoned indefinitely without charge, tortured, and degraded. These people would knowingly put another family out of their home, and then happily move into their house. These people, dual citizen Israeli-Americans, are willing and eager to put American lives at risk just so they can enjoy stolen real estate at bargain prices available only to themselves.

On the 9th of November, when the organized Jewish community will attempt to deny, justify, or downplay Israeli war crimes, the American people will say no to Israel's occupation of Palestine. I pray Allah give the good people of Massachusetts the right words to say, and the courage to declare total opposition to Israel's use of our money. We must all thank these good Americans for standing up for all Americans' right to make socially conscious decisions in regards to their investments.

Here is the leftist group that initiated the proposal. For further evidence of the confluence of anti-Israeli radicals and Muslim antisemite, go to this page and do a "Edit/Find" on "Somerville" which will bring up the thread started by Susan Barney on a Lebanese list serv.

Ah yes, jihadis and the American Left marching arm in arm to defend terrorists and smash the Jewish state.
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