Marlowe's Shade

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Muslim Scholar Says Israel Belongs to the Jews

Prof. Khaleel Mohammed is not a beloved figure among Muslim students in the United States. His visits to campuses to lecture are almost always accompanied by demonstrations of protesters condemning his opinions and his views. He has also felt hostile looks at the mosque where he used to worship in the city where he lives, San Diego, and therefore he rarely goes there. And indeed Mohammed's views are very unusual in the Arab world. His main thesis is that the Holy Land (according to most commentators, this refers to the area of Israel-Palestine) was given to the Jews. He takes this from the Koran itself, the divine book that is sanctified by Muslims, and is prepared to do battle with anyone who disagrees with him.

On the face of it this seems encouraging, although in the article there are indications that his views also can be used as a kind of Muslim replacement theology.
papijoe 5:32 AM