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Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's Official: Arafat is Dead

The PA made the official announcement just after 6 AM Thursday: Arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat died early this morning in Paris. His body will be buried in Ramallah, his evil legacy into history.

Funeral arrangements for the Palestinian leader are as follows: His body will lie in state in Cairo today, and will be buried in the Mukata Compound in Ramallah tomorrow or Saturday.

Arutz Sheva had an interesting article on the appropriateness of rejoicing in the death of one such as Arafat. In it I found this very profound quote by Rabbi Kook, which states,"...evil itself, in its depth, longs for its own demise and rejoices in it.".

I don't condemn anyone for celebrating Arafat's official death, even though as a Christian it isn't appropriate for me to do so. His death is a good thing, and at the same time I'm called to love my enemies. So I'm grateful for Rabbi Kooks insight that the amount of iniquity that Arafat or anyone can heap on their own soul is finite. Praise God for his mercy.
papijoe 6:40 AM