Marlowe's Shade

Monday, November 15, 2004

Is China a Threat?

This article argues that because it's economic gains have been over stated, China is something of a paper tiger. This is running against the conventional wisdom that China's growth is unstoppable. I think however that China aligned with the world's other foci of anti-Americanism, Western Europe and the Islamic bloc shouldn't be underestimated. Persistant rumors of Chinese support for the Taliban, Jiang Zemin's fascination with 9-11 footage, and more substantial reports of spying at our nuclear facilities, the upgrading of their missiles,Chinese control of the Panama Canal, as well as attempts to control other oil-rich regions, and a build up of their military all point to preparations for a future conflict with the US.

This topic is too big for one post, but now that the elections are over I'm going to try to devote more time to shining a light on this area that most of the media are ignoring.
papijoe 7:12 AM