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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Is Bush Stalling?

U.S. President Bush says that promoting a Palestinian state alongside Israel tops his agenda, and he hopes it will be a fact by the end of his term.

I hope that this is the Presidents way of signalling that he won't be pressured to stick to the 2005 deadline for the long discredited Roadmap.

Our "allies" are already pressing for just that:

French Foreign Minister Michael Barnier said this week that he hopes for new initiatives and dialogue to bring peace between Israel and the PA. He said, however, that nobody could wait until the year 2009 as suggested by President Bush. "The more we accelerate the establishment of this [Palestinian] state, the better the interests of all will be served - including Israel and its security," Barnier said. He added eagerly that the new state could be established in interim borders in accordance with the principles of the Road Map plan

I have to admit that talking about a two state solution at this juncture makes me very nervous.
papijoe 1:51 PM