Marlowe's Shade

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hamas Positions Itself for Post Arafat Era

Hamas realises, as, indeed, does the rest of the Palestinian political class, that the political diminution of Arafat and certainly his death would signal the end of an era and the beginning of a new one whose features and borders are difficult to determine now.

The uncertainty surrounding the post-Arafat era is thus forcing the movement to think in a more proactive manner and not leave anything to chance.

That is why the movement has called for the formulation of a collective Palestinian national leadership that would lead the Palestinian struggle in the absence of its enduring symbol.

A logical justification for the proposed leadership is the prevention of chaos and lawlessness and possibly a destructive power struggle, especially within the ranks of the heterogeneous Fatah movement.

Fatah's various components have always been kept together by Arafat, often through a combination of financial appeasement and a policy of divide-and-rule.

The bad news is that Hamas wants to run the PA. The good news is that they will be focused on the internal power struggle.
papijoe 6:39 AM