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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fortress America

Last night a Colombian friend of mine who is a Bush supporter was extremely discouraged. She is an evangelical living in the US, and from the reports she saw on the Spanish language stations, she was convinced that her entire country had taken to the streets to demonstrate against Bush.

Googling around this morning, I discovered that almost nothing occurred. Bush held his meeting on an island estate offshore (I'm guessing it was Escobar's island in the Islas de Rosario that the government seized on his arrest). Most likely what my friend saw were clips from the Chilean protests. All I could do was admonish her once again not to believe everything she sees on TV.

There has been a lot of good news since the election, but this occurrence has depressed me as well. Despite demographics which favor principled conservatives in this country, and a lemming-like movement of the disloyal opposition further left, I think the global picture is grim. With a heavy heart I include the UK in the loss column with the rest of Europe. I am not encouraged by the recent attempts there to confront Islam. Lacking the necessary moral underpinnings, they will fail, just as Germany failed in confronting communism by morphing into it's doppelganger, fascism.

I had high hopes for Latin America, especially which the success of the evangelicals there. But Hugo Chavez has co-opted the Protestant Christians in Venezuela, a stunning acheivement which greatly strengthens his hold on that country and ensures the survival of the communists in Cuba. Venezuelan Christian who justify their support for Chavez by his very tangible (and I'll grant, admirable) programs for the poor should remember what Satan tempted Christ with first. Colombians find Bush a poor substitute for Clinton who added "First Costeño President" to his honorary titles when he was there. But if Colombians were disappointed that Dubya didn't rhumbiar with them like Clinton, they love Uribe. And there is a secret army that God is raising up in the jungles before which even the guerillas and paramilitaries tremble.

Argentina has experienced an unreported Christian revival which may yet carry it through it's financial woes, but for now won't offer much in the way of support on the international stage.

Right now the only allies I feel we can rely on are Australia and Israel. As far as the rest of the world, the global media's electronic warfare against Bush and any supporters he has will effectively jam any honest reports that could help our cause, while broadcasting it's disinformation unopposed. My Colombian friend's experience is a case in point.

I don't think any political structure can survive this for long. As a Christian I know that only the bonds of spirit will hold. I'll try to elaborate on that as soon as I crawl out of this Slough of Despond.

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