Marlowe's Shade

Friday, November 05, 2004

"Ambulance-Bomb Plot Uncovered"

Over the last few weeks, several terror cells have been uncovered and arrested in the Bethlehem region - preventing some of the most daring and potentially lethal attacks that Israel has known. Among the planned attacks was an "ambulance bomb" - an ambulance driven by a suicide bomber laden with explosives into a crowded population center in Jerusalem.

The terror cells included official policemen of the Palestinian Authority, as well as members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The central figure arrested was Muhammed Darawi, of the PA's security agencies, who was behind the ambulance plot, shooting attacks, and attempts to dispatch suicide terrorists to Jerusalem. His plan was to find a route through which the ambulance could be driven from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. He already had the suicide driver, the ambulance, and the explosives - but was unable to find a secure route.

The terrorists also planned to carry out simultaneous attacks in Me'ah She'arim and the French Hill intersection - both of which have been the sites of attacks in the past. They had already enlisted teenaged terrorists for the mission, and toured the area.

Yet another plot was to shoot visitors to Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem. Among the 16 Palestinian terrorists arrested in this wave was Faras Jihad Adwin of Hamas, who planned shooting and bombing attacks. Another arrestee was a female high school student who changed her mind about blowing herself up after she became engaged. Among the weapons captured in the raids were Kalachnikov rifles, magazines, bombs and chemicals for making bombs.

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