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Friday, October 22, 2004

Supreme Potentate Clinton

I didn't get to this story yesterday. It's not the first time the possibility has been raised. The Pittsburgh Tribune Review ran a story on Clinton's UN ambitions more than a year ago. Leaving my emotions aside for the moments, I've been trying to develop a dispassionate analysis how much actual power this would put in Clinton's hands.
From one point of view, the UN is incredibly ineffectual, and there is a temptation to dismiss write this off as a harmless figurehead position. But it's important not to dismiss the capabilities of the UN just because it has a poor track record of doing good. While it has failed at preventing the tragedies of Rwanda, Bosnia, and now the Sudan, it has been amazingly effective in other areas, such as the international isolation of Taiwan and Israel, and being a rallying point for anti-American sentiment and policy. Thanks to gifts from Ted Turner, the United Nations Population Fund has been spreading programs for population control, including manual vacuum pump devices for early term abortions, to the third world. And recently the Duelfer Report showed the UN to be the perfect means for Saddam to nullify the sanctions against him while extending his control to the corrupt officials he controlled thanks to the UN Food for Oil Program.
One could argue that based on his history, Bill Clinton would use this post as he did the Presidency to fuel his narcissistic agenda and little else. One of my main concerns is that the the effect of having a former American president in that position would give it a legitimacy and influence, especially in this country, that it never had under Kofi Annan or any of his predecessors. And Clinton has a proven record of disregard for our country's security and well-being. If he is actually elected to the post in 2006, it will in effect be like having 2 presidents in power. And the loyalty of those who opposed Bush will go to the UN. Now imagine Hilary Clinton as a candidate in 2008, and you have a scenario for the end of our sovereignty as a nation.
We need to dismantle the UN now, and remove it from our soil before any of this can transpire. In this election we have already seen foreign interests attempting to influence the outcome. Just the other day, a foreign delegation called for giving the vote to 4.7 million ex-felons We need to stop participating in the destruction of our own sovereignty.
papijoe 5:50 AM