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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Promising Trend?

There are some signs that President Bush as made inroads into the critical Jewish vote this year. The Democrats can typically count on 70-80% of the Jewish vote. Even Hillary Clinton received 54% of the Jewish vote in her Senate race despite reports of anti-semitic remarks in the White House.

Here is some ammunition for your liberal friends and family who argue that John Kerry is the best choice for this country and a friend to Israel.

Smooth Stone has a series of excellent posts on the subject. Be warned that the most recent one is gut-wrenching.

Cliff Alsberg makes a thoughtful and eloquent case for Bush's re-election at A Jewish Perspective.

Our Talmud teaches us that we should consider each and every Mitzvah we perform as though the fate of the world hung in the balance. And as we’ve indelibly learned from the presidential election of 2000, every individual vote indeed turned out to be pivotal and decisive. Yet once again, the Almighty has placed us on the fulcrum of history — a moment in time of such powerful and historical consequence that the way we consider voting on November 2nd could well determine the future course of Western Civilization. As Jews living in so-called “battleground states”, your votes might very well be the deciding factor.

Max at Nice Jewish Boy has one of the best posts I've seen to illustrate the choice facing Jewish voters, base on his experience of a debate at a local synagogue.

Zev Yaroslavsky, one of the LA County officials who had the cross removed from their seal, represented the Kerry camp.

In a John Skerryesque fashion he said something to the like of: Jews be afraid of the Christian Right. As Jews we are their first victims of conversion. Send your kids to the university to fight against Judeo/Christian values. Do not trust the right wing Bush agenda. Forget about being Jewish, that will get us nowhere. We need to get secular, liberal, leftist, and remove that little cross from he seal, now. The Republican Jews in the room gasped.

Larry Greenfield, President of the So Cal Republican Jewish Coalition spoke for Bush.

Larry Greenfield was outnumbered 2 to 1 and he still hit the secular socialists out of the park. He came back at every argument with passion. He talked about how the Christian left is the real thing to be scared of. Larry knows that the good Christian folks on the right are our best friends these days. He realizes that America's Christians are different then Europe's, how there is an alliance between Jew and Gentile to keep the values this country was founded on strong. Larry represents the party that embraces our Christian friends and allies when nobody else does. Everyone knows that the University is a liberal factory. Why should we as Jews go there to get our values. The University is a breeding ground for anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli debate. God bless Larry Greenfield for venturing into the vipers nest tonight and saying what is right and righteous about being a Jewish Republican.

And don't forget the comment by Richard Holbrooke about Kerry's plans to "put pressure" on Israel, confirming what Charles Krauthammer said just days before about Kerry "Sacrificing Israel"

Please, if you think it will do any good, send some of these links to your circle of influence. There's a world to save.
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