Marlowe's Shade

Friday, October 08, 2004

Luskin & Hewitt on Pundit Review Radio

From Kevin and Gregg:

Pundit Review Radio highlights the work of bloggers and other leaders of the
new media and discusses the impact they are having on politics and the

The show can be heard every Saturday between noon-1pm EST on

This Saturday we have a great show lined up for you. Our first guest will be
Don Luskin of Smart Money, National Review and

We will also be speaking to Hugh Hewitt, blogger, nationally syndicated talk
show host, columnist and best selling author of If It's Not Close, They
Can't Cheat

If you want to ask a question to Don or Hugh, the number is 877-711-1060.

The show is archived on Our interviews from last week with
Dean Esmay of Dean's World and Scott Johnson of Powerline are now available
as is our interview with Mattt Margolis of BlogsforBush.
papijoe 6:50 AM