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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Israelis to Limit Ramadan Worshipers on Temple Mount

Both Ha'aretz and The Jerusalem Post are reporting that the Israelis have decided to limit the number of Muslim worshipers from about 250,000 to 60,000 if the Waqf doesn't agree to keep the crowds away from the eastern part of the wall that Israelis fear is in danger of collapse. This has already started a seething response from Waqf official Adnan Hussieni (related to Arafat?), and they are already hinted at violent repercussions. This story still hasn't been picked up outside of the Israeli press, and the MSM will be free to spin it anyway they want.

Israel is doing the right thing, and there will no doubt be a violent reaction. They evidently see this as more manageable than risking a catastrophic collapse:

Security forces have begun preparations for the first day of the prayers, scheduled to begin over the weekend, with the exact date determined by the sighting of the new moon. Under the mission name "Solomon's Spring," several thousand policemen and IDF troops will seal off Jerusalem and will man roadblocks surrounding the capital to prevent Palestinians from entering the city and traveling to the Temple Mount.

Large forces will also be posted in the Old City to ensure that the number of worshipers is limited to the allowed amount and that prayers are not held on top of Solomon's Stables.

Edri explained that the government is not willing to take any chances due to the potential for a large-scale disaster.

"If the Wakf does not take responsibility to stop the worshiper's entrance to that part of the Mount then the government will have no choice but to fulfill it obligation to safeguard the worshipers," he said. "We will not take any chances since if a disaster occurs and we did not stop it, we will ultimately be blamed."

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