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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Enough with the Temple Mount?

Not yet.

This story from Jerusalem Newswire appeared today as a Google alert I set up on the Temple Mount although it's dated 9/26. But I thought it was worth posting because it states the dilemma so plainly:

Israel’s leaders have found themselves in a tricky situation, knowing that a deadly collapse of the Temple Mount could potentially spark a regional war.

They also know, however, that taking unilateral action to prevent such a catastrophe by limiting access to the Temple Mount during Ramadan would lead to widespread Muslim riots.

Despite the risks, the Jewish state appeared determined to protect the lives of its declared Islamic enemies.

Why have the European and US media been so silent? At this juncture, one conclusion seems to be inescapable:

Many believe the Waqf in fact wants a collapse to occur in order to use it as a catalyst for a unified Muslim front against the Jewish state.

Ramadan starts in three days.
papijoe 5:55 AM