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Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Chat with Bobby Schindler

Guest Author: Sherri

It was just after the Roses Rally in Tallahassee when I got to talk with Bobby Schindler. He was dressed in a suit and looked incredibly handsome. His personality is refreshing. I immediately felt welcome, appreciated, and comfortable talking with him. Meeting the entire family this weekend was one of the most incredible events in my life.

This is a family that is not out for attention for themselves. They are not ?media savvy,? nor do they have interest in being so. They simply are utilizing every avenue possible to stop the injustice against their beloved Terri. Bobby was eager to talk about the issues surrounding these injustices. He also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all the Bloggers for Terri! He is impressed with our knowledge of the case. (As we chatted, I rattled of page numbers of court manuscripts where pertinent information proved Michael?s inability to be a proper and deserving guardian for Terri.)

Bobby specifically noted that we need to concentrate on the fact that Terri was admitted into a Hospice. He shared that they, the family, have NO IDEA how this is being paid for or how it was allowed for her to be there. I had read reports that, contrary to Michael?s own testimony, that Bob Schindler was actually the first call Michael made when Terri first collapsed. Bobby was wonderful to verify these reports. He also verified that Michael had to be told by Mr Bob Schindler to call 911 and then Mr Schindler called Bobby and told him to get over there. Michael never called him! ?I remember exactly. My story hasn?t changed in 15 years.

Michael was also perplexed by the fact that Felos was Chairman of the Board for the Hospice and the role this played in getting Terri admitted into a facility without following the proper procedures.

Bobby shared what Michael said following the malpractice settlement. ?Well, we didn?t get as much as we thought, so basically that kinda thwarted my whole idea of bringing her home because we didn?t get the money.?

?I don?t understand. So that means, what, we?re going to try and kill her now that we didn?t get the money that I intended to get. I only got a million?

In closing, Bobby made a plea. ?Keep up the calls and the emails for these bills.? His final words: ?Thanks. Thanks a lot.?
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